Supply Chain Managment

Save Your Personnel & Capital For Their Highest, Best Use

The many day-to-day tasks of managing everything from business documents inventory to promotional materials to office supplies often keeps key employees from their core responsibilities. At Coriant, we relieve your organization’s important personnel of these duties by expertly handling them for you and providing one single location online to manage inventories, place orders and even manage e-commerce initiatives, such as online employee stores. Suddenly, managing the supply chains transforms from a burden into an easily managed, efficient means of controlling costs.


Warehousing and fulfillment, on-demand printing and other Coriant services also help organizations reduce the large capital costs of building, maintaining and managing their own facilities. Let Coriant be your off-site, just-in-time partner.

The results: reduced overhead costs, more efficient use of resources, improved production schedule, shorter time-to-market, improved share holder values and competitive advantage. One, single, simple solution removes essential but non-core tasks and repositions them outside the workplace.