Integrated Products

Order It All-In-One, All At Once

We can’t say it enough. We help our clients save valuable time and money by managing projects that include combining business products and functionalities into an integrated solution. Integrated products are an efficient, cost effective way for our customers to combine forms with cards, labels and magnets in a single step.

With integrated products, cards and labels are not printed separately, saving post production hassles. Cards, labels, and magnets are printed directly on the form, eliminating color match problems and saving valuable time and money. Integrated materials can be complimented with a magnetic backing, label adhesive – even laminate.

Integrated products are perfect for combining your forms with:

• Membership cards
• Frequent Buyer cards
• Insurance cards
• Healthcare cards
• Financial cards
• Laboratory labels
• Identification cards
• Promotional magnets
• Season Passes
• Return Mail Labels
• Resort and Hotel
• Gift cards

and much more…